"Was Shakespeare English?"

 "Was Shakespeare English?" offers a fresh, daring and controversial view of the great playwright's identity. Russian-born, London-based director Alicia Maksimova, takes us on an enthralling voyage from the Strait of Messina to Venice, Verona, Stratford-upon-Avon, and back to Sicily for a mesmeric finale on the little Aeolian island which inspired The Tempest

Enticing travelogue, beautifully shot and provocatively argued, this bold docu-journey offers a Shakespeare who is both a hot potato for our times and a supreme artist for the ages.

97 minutes, in English and Italian, with English and Italian subtitles, 2016.


"About Kalpidi"

A short film dedicated to a modern Russian poet Vitaly Kalpidi, August 2015


"The Mother of Pasquale"
A full length feature film. Script completed in 2012



A la recherche de la beauté perdu

A search for universal values and passions through different cultures and continents,
a symbolic portrait of humanity.

It started in Sicily with the stunningly beautiful “Immacolata Percezione” - Immaculate Perception - directed by Alicia Maksimova.

It continues in Bolivia, Ethiopia, India and Australia…

"Immacolata Percezione"

A visual and musical poem, an intense emotional and sensual portrait of humanity, a symbolic journey through life. Stunning images shot in Sicilian light move to the beautiful original music. In the cadenza epic photography and sublime poetry take the public's perception to an unexpected level. The first of five films over five continents.

Sicilian Interviews
Interviews with Sicilian people from all walks of life

"La Famiglia"
A short film. A poetic exploration of a family microcosm with a nostalgic sense of place. Completion date: June  2011

Video installation dedicated to Maria D’Arrigo, a real life character from “The Godfather”
The opening date: 02.08.2010, Savoca, province Messina, Sicily.

Voices from the hostel
Documentary filmed in a London hostel over a period of 4 years

Afghanistan legacy: 20 years on
Documentary following the tragic stories of Russian veterans

Urban Fairy Tales
A tale of real life characters based in London, which elegantly turns the tables on reality TV